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By Kyle Chesser on Apr 24, 2015 8:00am
Creative Partners in the world of Cowering, Events and Demos
Hands On Studio is proud to announce our latest creative collaberation with Bespoke San Francisco. This new venture from Westfield USA is a trifecta of coworking, demos, and event spaces. Bespoke is strategically 
located at Westfield San Francisco in the epicenter of downtown, where tech and retail marketplaces converge.

The space boasts a 18,000 sq ft EVENT Space, a seperate COWORKING space 14,000 sq ft and an additional DEMOS space that is 5,000 sq ft

ABOUT BESPOKE Located At the famed Market Street, the hubs of retail and high-tech now intersect in a brave new way. 20 million visitors. 200 world-class shops and eateries. Unlimited opportunity.  Where retial meets technology Westfield has carefully curated a shortlist of industry influentials collaborates against the backdrop of an unparalleled retail infrastructure and inspiring techscape. Hands On Studio is one of those collaberates. Look for us to help capture your event if you head to BespokeSF.co

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